Aldermanic Follow-Up

Here is a current list of issues Alderman Keene Winters is working on: (Don’t see your issue on the list?  Please contact Keene.)

(updated 04/18/16)

  • [Completed 4/18/16].  Susan Schmidt has been added to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee after a letter of reference from Alderman Winters.  She lives in District 6 and will continue to represent the area from a citizen position, after Mr. Winters gives up his seat on the committee.
  • [Resolved 3/28/16].  A concerned citizen reported over-flowing trash cans in Forest Park.  The matter was referred to the Parks & Recreation Department.  A garbage pick-up was scheduled for Monday, March 28th (see memo).
  • [Resolved 02/23/16] Construction Project for Ashland Avenue and Meadowview Road. On February 23rd, the city council voted unanimously to delay the proposed construction project for northern Ashland Avenue and Meadowview Road.  (See resolution).  The delay was requested by residents and their request are noted in the committee minutes and hearing mimutes.  There are no major road construction projects scheduled for District 6 in 2016.
  • [Completed 01/22/16] Maintenance of Walking Trails at Sylvan Hills Park.  On 1/11/16, I forwarded questions from a constituent to the Parks Department about the continuation of walking trails at Sylvan Hills Park after the mountain biking trails are installed.  There is concern that walkers and bikers may come into conflict (see petition).  I have asked the Parks Department to put together a map of the two trail systems so that people can see where the trail systems might cross.  Here is a bike trail impact map, a full site plan map, and a compilation of Park & Recreation Committee meeting minutes on the subject.  The information shows the committee’s commitment to keeping the existing pedestrian trails intact.
  • [Started 11/30/15]  Removal of Dead Trees on Riverview Drive.  The city has been working with Wisconsin Public Service to prevent dead trees from knocking down power lines.  WPS will be “topping” dead trees beginning around January 20, 2016.  The wood will be cut up and may lay there a while.  Once the cutting is done, the city will pick it up.
  • [APPROVED 12/10/15]  New Street Light for the corner of Ashland Avenue & Maple Hill Road.  I have forwarded a resident request to review the lack of lighting at this intersection to the Engineering Department for review on November 17th.  On December 2nd, the department completed an analysis noting that this light would be fairly easy to install.  It could be placed at the northeast corner of the intersection.  The department will recommend this light be installed at a meeting of the Capital Improvements & Street Maintenance Committee on December 10th at 5:30 p.m.
  • [REJECTED 12/10/15]  New Street Light for Maple Ridge Road:  In response to a resident request, I have asked the Engineering Department to review the placement of existing street lights on Maple Ridge Road and determine whether adding a light would be appropriate on October 16th.  A December 2nd analysis revealed that this light would be expensive, costing the city a minimum of $3,900 and require multiple easements and removal of some bushes to install. The department will recommend this light not be installed at a meeting of the Capital Improvements & Street Maintenance Committee on December 10th at 5:30 p.m.
  • [COMPLETED 11/16/15]  Organize a Riverview Neighborhood Association:  Starting on August 30th, 340 postcards were sent to residents of Ward 15 and 16 living north of Jim Moore Creek announcing a fall meeting schedule for the new Riverview Neighborhood Assocation.  The first meeting was held on September 24th.  The second  meeting was on October 15th.  A third meeting was held on November 16th at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  See Wausau Daily Herald article on the new group.
  • [RESOLVED 6/30/15] Lawn-Mowing in City Parks:  This issue has been resolved and lawn-mowing in city parks has resumed.  However, there are still some reports of unmowed areas around the tennis courts in Forest Park.  The Parks Department has been contacted.
  • [STARTED 8/31/15]  5th Street & Salem Church Alley:  The Department of Public Works has been made aware that this area floods and retains water when it rains.  Some additional blacktop was added this past summer, but the area still collects a sizable puddle.
  • [COMPLETED 11/04/15] Crocker Street Reconstruction:  Reconstruction of Crocker Street and a portion of Seventh Street began on June 16th.  Construction was scheduled to be completed by mid October.  The contract had a completion date of Oct. 16 or 65 working days.
  • The contractor has submitted a request to extend the completion date to Oct. 30th.   The extension is due to 7-8 rain days which occurred during the project.   The formal request will be heard by the Board of Public Works its next meeting.  The contractor plans to have the binder course of asphalt placed on Monday, Oct. 19th, on the portion of the project currently not paved.   The remainder of next week will be spent raising manholes and landscaping.  If the weather cooperates, the final layer of asphalt may be on by the end of next week.   The final week ( Oct. 26th – 30th)  would be primarily final touch ups and clean up.
  • An early leaf pick-up was conducted on East Crocker & Seventh Street to clear the way for completion of the construction project.  A second leaf pick-up is scheduled for approximately one week after the completion of construction.
  • [COMPLETED 7/16/15] Review of Spring Street Construction:  At Alderman Winters’ request, the Parking & Traffic Committee will be reviewing the resulting traffic flow issues resulting from the Spring Street construction project.
  • [COMPLETED 9/3/2015] Jim Moore Creek Bridge:  The Department of Public Works has been made aware of the “bump” motorist experience going north bound over the bridge.  Additional black top should be added to smooth out the ride.  Re-paving work began September 2, 2015, and the road re-opened on September 3rd.
  • [RESOLVED 8/31/15] Lawn-Mowing at the Golf Course:  Neighbors of the golf course expressed concern about on the ordinance that permits the golf course to leave some parts of the course unmowed as rough areas.  I asked staff to go out and talk to the golf courses management. Some changes were made in the mowing practices.  I then wrote to the residents and ask for their feedback on the changes.  No further feedback was received.
  • [COMPLETED 11/10/15]  Maple Hill Road Drain:  There is a problem with water that runs out of hillside springs in the area bordered by River Hills Circle and Briarwood Avenue, ending in Maple Hill Road.  City engineer has agreed to examine the area and locate three possible sites for drains in private yards to keep the water from going down hill.  Once located, the city will need a resident or residents to provide easements and allow a construction project through his or her yard.
  • On October 7th, Director of Public Works Eric Lindman, Engineer Sean Gehin and I walked the site with the purpose of generating a map for possible drain and drain tile location.  The map will be shared with residents.  Much of the work will require homeowners to grant easements for the installation of drainage infrastructure.
  • On October 15th, I met nine of the neighbors affected and present them a project map and cost estimates to install a drainage system.  I took feedback and questions from the residents and will pass them back to the Engineering Department.
  • Based on the site recommendations from City Engineering, I have sent a letter to two residents about granting an easement for the city to install a stormwater drain in their yard.
  • Construction of a stormwater sewer extension and drain were completed on 11/10/15/
  • [COMPLETED 11/06/15] Evergreen Road Railroad Crossing:  This issue has been around since 2013.  See PDF.  It takes a while to get on the Canadian National Railway priority list.   See letter to residents.  Their crews completed the work at Riverview Drive and Evergreen Road on November 6th, and the crossings are much better.  Enjoy!
  • [REQUEST MADE 10/20/15] Riverview Drive and Its Trees:   Responsibility for caring for dead, dying and leaning trees that threaten the power lines on the west side of Riverview Drive is still unclear.  The city has road right-of-way.  Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) has a utility right-of-way, and the Canadian National Railway has railroad right-of-way.  The Department of Public Works has agreed to communicate with all parties to put together a plan for removing dangerous trees.  See letter to WPS.  I have also asked WPS to communicate directly with me on the issue (PDF).
  • [COMING IN 2016] Sixth Street Bike Lanes:  I have had an inquiry about when Sixth Street will be marked for bike lanes.  We should have an answer shortly.  I brought the issue to the Bike & Pedestrian Committee on August 24th.  Sixth Street is part of Bike Route #9.  The request for makings will be included in the recommendations for work in 2016.  Also, I have been involved in discussions with landowners that are likely to provide an easement for the riverside bike path to continue north from Winton Street into Gilbert Park, providing an alternate route to Sixth Street.

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Greg Strasser, Treasurer