Issue: Thomas Street


Thomas Street

In every city there are difficult and complex issues that need to be dealt with. One of those is Thomas Street. Because of the nature and size of the issues involved, a page has been set aside for providing information and insight into these questions.

Thoughts on moving the Thomas Street Project forward (2014)

In this piece, Alderman Winters, as head of the Finance Committee, addresses the ongoing project, both how we got to where we are and what should happen to move toward a conclusion. (8/3/14).

Thomas Street Project examined in relation to taxes (2013)

A column from Keene and Jim Rosenberg (Wausau Daily Herald) explaining how the Thomas Street Project fails the TIF test. To read the blog post by Jim Rosenberg mentioned in the article, go to his blog , “Jim Rosenberg’s Blog

Suggestions for handling Thomas Street Project (2012)

Suggestions for handling Thomas Street (2012) In this letter to Lisa Rasmussen (click link to view), we asked the Capital Improvements and Street Maintenance (CISM) Committee consider a third option for Thomas Street.

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